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Multithread Studios

  1. Who are you?  My name is Mackenzie Morgan. I’m a web developer, web designer, calligrapher, and textile artist. I just generally like to make things, you know? You can check the main Multithread Studios website to see what I do on a contract or commission basis.
  2. Where are you? Suburban Maryland


  1. Where do products ship from? Depending on what it is, the US or UK. I couldn’t find a printer for greeting cards in the US, so those come from the UK.
  2. How long will shipping take? For cards, figure up to 3 weeks. If US Customs decide to hold things up, it could be longer, though. Otherwise, you can choose a shipping speed at checkout. Printing can take up to a week, but it’s usually done within 3 days. Then add on the shipping time to that. (So if shipping says “3-5 days” and everything goes quickly on printing and shipping, you’ll get in 5 days. If there’s a slowdown anywhere along the line, it could take up to 12 days.)


  1. How do you handle defects? Defective products can be returned to the printer within 4 weeks of receiving the shipment.
  2. What if I bought the wrong size? Incorrectly sized apparel can be exchanged within 4 weeks for a restocking fee of $3. Please email me before doing so, and ensure you check the size chart to avoid this hassle!